More than JUST a Mum

This morning I woke up defeated!!

When I say “woke up”, I actually mean “got out of bed” as it seems the Bean has officially decided that sleep is for losers and if she’s awake all night, so is Mummy!!!!!

I’m exhausted, emotional and having a fibro flair up and make matters even worse, Negative Nelly shows up to kick me when I’m down.

Superman took Bean downstairs this morning so I could get an hour sleep. In that time he managed to have a shower with Bean playing in the bathroom, gave her breakfast, tidied, sorted the washing out, dressed Bean, and got ready for work…… HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT IN AN HOUR?!?!?!?! It usually takes me half that time to just crawl out of bed and change her nappy whilst she screams and kicks me in the face and I sit there and cry because I feel like a failure!

Superman knew I was feeling down on myself, I think the tears and snot running down my face was a dead give away, so he tried his best to make me feel better before he left for work!!

After I told him that hes a better “mother” than I am, he reminded me of all the things I do for Bean, and even though I feel like everything takes me forever to do, the quality of the time I give her is much more important.

So, if you’ve woken up feeling like the world’s worst mother, this is dedicated to you!!

I am more than JUST a mum!

I can create at least 4 meals at once suiting everyone’s specific requirements. This usually involves different food items served with toast!!

Not only can I kiss away the smallest of injuries, I can turn myself into a soother and produce magic sleep inducing milk from my boobies… TA DAAAAA!!!!!

Who would have thought that dancing around like a moron in your kitchen to Taylor Swifts “Shake it Off”,  playing peek a boo or pretending your babies feet stink and squealing “POOOOOOO” in a high pitch voice would be so funny to a child!! Move over Sarah Millican, I am hilarious!!!

I am a NURSE.
I can dispense calpol without spilling a drop, wip away a sicky bedsheets and throw them in the washing basket and do 13 hour night shifts and function the next day with the power of a strong coffee to keep me going!!!

When the 10 year old Girl has “boyfriend” troubles or the 8 year old boy has fallen out with his friends…. have no fear, the STEPMUM is here with an understanding and compationate ear!!

And last but at no means least

I can stop my 1 year old from turning the Xbox on, then off, then on again by showing her something shiny or singing Twinkle Twinkle 20 times back to back.

The distraction technique also works when your 10 year old step daughter starts talking about what she learned in Sex Education at school “ooooo look, cake!!!!!”

See, we are more than JUST Mums, we are AMAZING!!!!!

So, whenever you feel like a rubbish mum, have a little think to yourself (and then tell me in the comments and share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter …. I’m feeling needy!!)
“What do I do that makes me more than JUST a mum???”

Now give yourself a hug xxxx



7 thoughts on “More than JUST a Mum

  1. thesingleswan says:


    Great post. Superman sounds awesome – definitely a keeper ;-), but you are awesome too, even if you have the odd down day. I also smell my son’s feet and say POOOOOO. He also loves it. Simple pleasures hey?

    Thanks for leaving your link on my blog. I am glad to have discovered you.


    Liked by 1 person

    • mumofabean says:

      Oh thank you so much for checking out my blog!! I didn’t think my comment had sent, I’m still not very technical and very new to all this blog malarkey!!
      Superman is pretty amazing, believe me when I say, the good ones are out there 🙂


  2. Bo Barton says:

    Thank you for having the energy burst to write this. My Bean is 19 now and not a day goes by since she was born(weighing 1lb8oz)! That I don’t berate myself, mentally punch myself in the head, feel sick with the worry of letting her down, hate myself and useless body(Fibro & ME/cfs) for robbing her of a mum that can’t do, can’t dash, can’t even get out of bed. God I can’t even brush my teeth unaided by carers most days let alone be the strong, invincible, role model I have longed to be all these years. Still today she sent me a photo of the homemade Hazlenut and Caoca spread she made in a stylish mason jar. Somewhere I must have taught her something I suppose, I do vaguely (Fibro fog)! Remember baking often with her which invariably ended with the spoon in her mouth and bowl on her head. I am going to give myself a gentle hug as the Fibro pain train is roaring through the station. Thanks for reminding me that we do do!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. butterflymum83 says:

    Thanks for this, lovely! You’re so right ❤

    The things that make me amazing are: I sing and dance with Caterpillar even when I'm exhausted from anxiety-induced insomnia; I cook him awesome dinners from scratch; He is a wonderful, happy little boy in spite of his mum's emotional issues 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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