Very simple coconut oil and oat bites

Loving this sunny weather, hating having absolutely no energy!!!

Been researching alot into “super foods” lately in a bid to be rid of fibromyalgia  (or at least keep it quiet!!), to try to eat a bit more cleaner and stop pumping my body full of delicious but bad for me foods!

Coconut oil seems to be all over the place at the moment and I for one have bought into the whole idea of it being good for me!!!
Also, oats provide a slow release of energy, which is exactly what I need today as Iv got a warm, grumpy baby and the world’s most messiest house to clean!!

So Iv come up with this little recipie!!

As I’m following Slimming World, I’ve tried to syn it, but please please please don’t quote me on this and then be pissed off if you gain 2lb on your next weigh in!!

You will need….

35g oats (I used my HEB for those on Slimming World)
1 level tbsp raw organic coconut oil (6 syns)
1 egg
1 tbsp of sweetner (you can use sugar or honey if you like)

1 baby in a highchair covered in toast, yoghurt and peach (optional)


●Chuck oats, coconut oil (preferably melted but the heat of my kitchen did this for me) egg and sweetener all in the first bowl you can find and stir with the only clean spoon in the draw until it all comes together to make a sloppy mess.

●Find some kind of baking tin to throw the mixture in (I used a muffin tin). Grease it first, I used frylight.

●Realise you haven’t pre heated the oven….. SHIT!

●Pop the oven on at around 170C and put in your little oaty creations.

●Take baby upstairs and have a shower, rinse baby down as well due to the sticky mess she’s got herself in (optional)

●Breastfeed tired baby (optional), completely forgetting about the oaty bites that are probably burning in the oven for approximately 30 minutes!!!!

●Pray that baby will go down for a nap, make your escape and leg it downstairs.

●Take possibly burned oats out of the oven, hoping for a miracle.

●Let out a huge sigh of relief, admire how good they look and carefully pop on to the only clean plate in the kitchen.

●Leave to cool slightly or you’ll burn your mouth (ouch)

●Tuck in and enjoy complete silence for the first time since you woke up at 6am

So, there you go, my first EVER recipie!!!

And I’m actually glad I forgot about them as the slight crunchyness worked!

Please let me know if you make these, especially if you try an alternative method to mine!


Much sweaty and warm love from Mum and the Bean x


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