Welcome to Motherhood – A TRUE Story

We were all guilty of it.

In preperation of our lovely little bundle, we read every book, magazine and Baby Centre post about what to expect once our baby arrives. We learned how to change our baby’s nappy (either cloth or disposable ), how to bath them and how to feed (either bottle or breast).
I once Googled the best blankets to use at bed time!
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A letter to my pregnant self

Hey Fatty!!

Its me, well you, contacting you a year in the future. According to my Time Hop (and very foggy memory), you’re feeling a bit, well a lot shitty!!

Pregnancy isn’t what its cracked up to be is it?? You’re feeling sick, seriously emotional (remember when you cried at that crocodile being killed on telly when you don’t even like crocodiles?) and feeling fat fat fat!!! You should be at that stage where you feel like you actually look pregnant now and not like you’ve eaten the entire contents of the fridge…. which you most likely have. But its ok, according to everyone you talk to, you’re allowed to eat like a bodybuilder on cheat day!!

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